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 Water Information Integration Portal


This project will create a geospatially enabled web portal that streamlines collaborative processes for collecting, sharing, integrating, analyzing, mapping, visualizing and using water and related data for watershed management in a challenging crossborder ecosystem. The project is closely aligned with the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team's mission and vision.

The project will rely on the newly adopted international standard for water data exchange, developed by the Hydrology Domain Working Group of the World Meteorological Organization and the Open Geospatial Consortium. Reliance on data standards will help integrate locally collected and managed data with water information from US federal and state agencies, and from multiple other partners from both sides of the border. It will also make data from our  partners discoverable and accessible from a number of online analysis and modeling applications, and demonstrate the use of integrated datasets for better watershed management.


This project builds on our previous effrots in several projects: